secure, tangle free tethering

Secure, tangle - free tethering

Stows valuables

Stows valuables

Feeds, shades and hydrates

Feeds, shades and hydrates

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Features Include:

  • 360 degree tangle free rotation
  • Hydration, shade and protection from the elements
  • A safe compartment for your valuables
  • Dynamic redistribution of percussive and consistent force (SUNDOGZ™ flexes with your dog, not against it)
  • A portable and lightweight travel solution (weighs under 5kg)
  • Short term tethering
  • Multi-terrain application. Use SUNDOGZ™ on sand, soil, grass or rock
  • No batteries required and no tools necessary when buried in sand.

Where and how can Sundogz be used by you and your dog?

Beach activities including surfing, fishing, volleyball, BBQ’s and Picnics
Road Travel with your dog
Camping and Hiking
Watching sports events that are dog friendly
Hiking and bush walking
Pet Cafes and Workplaces
Dog friendly festivals and events
Visiting friends that don’t have dog friendly fenced gardens
SUNDOGZ™ is buried under sand and, or rocks.
Pegged into soil and grass.
Can be anchored permanently into concrete or wood surfaces (e.g. Pet cafes)

What other ways can you use Sundogz?

Shade you and your babies and children (with or without a dog) while outside

Use Sundogz to tether your cat short term outside to prevent wildlife being injured or killed while still giving your cat freedom to explore and move in their local surroundings

Use Sundogz at the beach to keep your keys, wallet and phone safe while you swim, surf and SUP (with or without a dog)

Use the Sundogz bowl to hold your chips and nibbles etc off the ground or sand while hanging out on your own or with friends in the great outdoors

How strong is Sundogz?

Made from UV stabilized marine quality composites for durability and strength, the SUNDOGZ™ is compact and versatile across all terrains, is light and easily assembled.

SUNDOGZ™ has undergone Independent certified non-destructive testing (load and force Kg/m) to a consistent strain of 80kgs. SUNDOGZ™ is a recreational product for the average dog and is not intended or designed to tether specially trained dogs (e.g Police dogs, military service dogs, security dogs, guard dogs etc.)

The purpose of SUNDOGZ™ is as a portable and temporary accessory to assist you to access the great outdoors with you dog.  It is not intended or designed to be used as a permanent tether for your dog.  Dogs are to be supervised at all times by an adult while tethered short term to a SUNDOGZ™.

What does SUNDOGZ look like in action?

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